How to explain company strategy

Who are we, what do we want and how will we get it? These are the big questions for any organisation. A well-known company asked us to find answers strong enough to give more than 7,000 colleagues a shared mindset.

So we interviewed board members, talked candidly with colleagues and explored archives going back more than 100 years.

We emerged with an ocean of insight. Then, with the help of a production agency, we distilled the ocean into a few jars of essence:

  • a booklet retelling the company story, past, present and future
  • a strategy engagement event for the company’s 200 most senior people
  • audio stories, short films, an exhibition and other media to spread the campaign through the business

The campaign surpassed every performance benchmark and won personal praise from the CEO. We’ve continued helping the company with new language guidelines, a series of writing workshops, and briefings for the board.

The client said:

“On behalf of the team, I just wanted to thank you for the work you’ve been doing. You’ve been brilliant in the way you’ve responded to every challenge, and the finished outputs are superb.”

Can we help you too?

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