How to learn the art of explaining

Here is a banana. It’s yellow now, it used to be green and it’ll soon be brown. What is the benefit of this feature?

Here is a page of random phrases. How many can you memorise after 10 seconds? How and why did you engage with those phrases and not the others?

Here is a customer. Give her a name and describe her day. Now she gets a letter in the post. Imagine you’re that person. Read the letter. How do you feel?

Our workshops are full of surprises, because of the way we expose and tackle the obstacles to communication. We use the games above to show respectively:

  • why benefits matter more than features
  • what people remember and why
  • the difference it makes to be in your reader’s skin

We’ve developed and tested our training during the past six years and our workshops consistently win 10/10 feedback ratings. The standard course is a day or half-day. We’ve also delivered Webex online workshops around the world, and the course content has been used in an award-winning BrainShark on-demand learning pack for a financial services client.

A participant said:

“I really found the day quite inspirational. I’ve attended many courses during my time; there are only a small number where I’ve come away thinking it was worthwhile and I’ve learnt something valuable. This course is one I consider falls into the small category, so thank you again.”

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