How to make life easier for customers

If it ain’t what you say, then it ain’t the way you say it either. The tone of writing can make a real difference, but if the reader’s questions aren’t answered then the words are just noise.

We were asked for help by a brand director wanting to cut noisy chatter from language used to communicate with 25 million customers.

First we reviewed a broad sample of communications from the perspective of a busy customer. Using this insight, we set out practical ways to make the letters, brochures and webpages more useful and usable.

Then we applied our recommendations by writing:

  • more than 100 new customer letters
  • a new suite of product brochures
  • content for a new customer website

We purpose-built a document management process and trained our team of writers and editors to use it. This enabled us to turn out a high volume of writing in a seamless, transparent and consistent way.

We delivered the entire project on time and within budget. Our fresh approach has since led to similar projects for two Government departments.

The client said:

“Many thanks for a very thought provoking review … and all your excellent work on our letters over recent weeks. It’s great to see we now have the right team in place to create effective communications.”

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