Our People

The Art of Explaining is a collective of consultants, trainers and writers chosen for their experience, their skills and the outcomes they’ve achieved.
Thomas Heath

Thomas Heath

In 1981 Thomas was awarded a Cub Scouts Tidiest Tent certificate. And so began a life devoted to making things clear — as a writer, teacher and consultant. Thomas often gets involved at the point when organisations are asking what, how and why. He can’t do it all on his own, which is why in 2008 he set up The Art of Explaining, and has since developed a panel of brilliant specialists. He and Clare are married with two small boys. He uses bikes, boats and trains, smart technology, fresh air and very little paper.


Alex J Wright

Alex J Wright

We’re excited about our new partnership with Alex J Wright, which brings together the art of explaining with the craft of filmmaking. Alex is known for shooting and producing beautiful short films and we’ve found we work brilliantly together. He also has a genius for social media, but as you can see, it’s not the main reason why his films have received more than a million views worldwide.

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Sarah Farley

Sarah Farley

Sarah used to run a diving school in the Caribbean but she gave it up to follow the dream: being a professional writer. Clients love her positive energy, her direct approach and her attention to detail. Her specialities include customer letters, communications reviews and project management. Off-duty, she shares wondrous tales with children at the Ministry of Stories.


Clare Heath

Clare Heath

Clare looks after project management, finances and other practical things. She’s previously managed large company accounts and she knows how to run complex writing and training projects to exact deadlines. Clare has a gift for anticipating everyone’s needs, she makes things easy by keeping the plan clear and simple, and she’s never been late. Ever.


Tania Glyde

Tania’s published three books, freelanced for the national press, and used to perform her work in shouty pubs. She’s also a qualified counsellor. Her writing and editing skills bring clarity and warmth to any business communication. She says “you get the best from people by respecting their intelligence.” And she does.


Bill Hilton

How’s business? Ask Bill. He’s helped more than 200 companies of all sizes, he’s the author of Working for yourself and spent a year editing Business Matters, the UK’s largest magazine for SMEs. You can also ask Bill about grammar: as a gifted teacher of English he loves getting people fired up about writing at his workshops.


Denny Einav

Denny is a gifted and creative business writer with a talent for scholarly research and a forensic eye for detail. She was previously an editor at Oxford University Press and recently rewrote all the marketing and web content for a large health food supplier.


Dave Wilner

“Can you come up with a little icebreaker for the keynote speech?” We refer such questions straight to Dr. Wilner, a man alive to the art of engaging a corporate audience. Dave’s done time in sales but he’s come through cleansed of professional jargon, and now he writes all kinds of scripts, deploying his gifts for storytelling and humour.